July 2018 Midnight Mystery Ride

It’s MMR time!

Join us for San Francisco’s BEST CHEAP THRILL (according to San Francisco Magazine!) We’re honored to have won this recognition, so let’s celebrate! It also happens to be this month’s humble ride leader’s birthday, so DOUBLE PARTY!

You don’t want to miss this one!

All levels welcome, but please bring a functional bike. This is a no rider left behind ride, so be sure to keep an eye out for your fellow riders. Meet up spot will be announced here at ~noon on ride day.

Remember: bring lights, dress warmly, and maybe bring something to share! Join folks inside the bar for a pre-ride drink, or just hang and wait outside. Just be sure to arrive at least a few minutes early, because WE RIDE AT MIDNIGHT!!

If *YOU* would like to take a go at leading a ride, contact here, or talk to the leader on ride night.

As always, the ride is free…but tips for the ride organizer/leader are always appreciated!

Go Team Midnight!

February 2018 Ride Cancelled

Well, Team, it’s come to this: I will be out of town on the 17th.

No one has stepped up to lead this month’s ride, so it’s cancelled.

It’s a bummer, because this was envisioned as a community ride, where different folks take the lead each month…which would make it more interesting/fun.

Since it’s basically devolved into just me leading every. fucking. time., maybe someone else would like to start a ride of their own?

Something for me to think about during my month-long vacay.

See y’all!

August 2017 Meetup

Tonight’s ride will begin at Philosopher’s Club, 824 Ulloa St (@ West Portal).

Dress warmly, bring something to share, lights greatly encouraged.

As always, the ride is free, but tipping your ride’s planner/leader is cool!

Don’t be late! Get there at least a few minutes early, because WE RIDE AT MIDNIGHT!!